Exotic Wave- FREQUENCY Hair-Single Bundle

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The FREQUENCY brand has officially been added to Rich Connections long term product offering list. Overall, we got great reviews from our sample sale feedback.

Chemical Alteration (Lifting, Coloring and/or Bleaching)- We recommend only lifting with professional quality products, but please note, lifting may cause hair with a curl pattern to loosen.

Likelihood of Shedding after lifting- lifting the hair and not using proper products to replenish the nutrients can cause the hair to become dry and cause  moderate shedding. We recommend using top grade, professional products.

General Info

Trust the Tribe and check out the truth about FREQUENCY  Hair extensions and why they are the perfect ones for you.

 Truth be told about FREQUENCY Label  extensions:

  • Matching closures and frontals available.
  • Should be maintained using High Quality Hair Care products, (e.g. Sulfate free products.)
  • Can be styled using hot tools (e.g. flat ironed, smoothed out, curled)
  • Reverts back to original curl pattern after using hot styling tools (Note: depending on how often and the level of heat used, applying heat can alter the curl pattern). 
  • Can be colored and lifted/lightened. (We suggest seeking a professional for color services.)
  • Sourced from Southeast Asia.
  • Curl patterns are achieved through steam processing. No harsh chemicals were used.