Rich Tribe Questions


⚫ How does the Rich Rewards loyalty program work?

It’s simple. When you shop you earn points. After creating a customer account, we can track what you spend. For every dollar spent you will receive 2 Rich points. You can also receive points or discounts of your next purchase for signing up for our email list or referring a friend.

⚫ What is the Rich Tribe?

Here at Rich Connections we believe in the power and influence of hair, and we’ve decided to channel that power and influence through our Rich Tribe. Offered exclusively to patrons of Rich Connections, Rich Tribe, is an elite network and platform utilized to empower, connect, and educate those associated. Individuals of the tribe live a Rich Life in their thoughts, words and actions. Learn more about Rich Tribe and join the conversation here.

⚫ How can I be apart of the Rich Tribe?

By simply joining our mailing list you become apart of the Rich Tribe. Members who shop and become active can gain silver, gold, or platinum membership. Those memberships open the door for more rewards and perks. Click here and join now.

⚫ What is the Rich Tribe Lifestyle box?

Every season The Rich Connections team bundles our season’s favorites into a quarterly collective delivered right to your front door.

Delivered at the start of each season, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, subscribers get to conveniently and effortlessly discover not only trendsetting, but potentially life changing products. Created with every woman in mind, The Rich Tribe Box is more than retail therapy, it is here to enRICH your mind, body, and spirit. Click here to get more details and subscribe.