Hair Questions

⚫ What is the origin of hair offered at Rich Connections?

We work with a number of vendors internationally as well as domestically to bring you quality hair extensions from Brazil, India and Peru.

⚫ What is Remy human hair?

Remy human hair is the highest grade of real, human hair on the market. With Remy human hair, you will find that the cuticles are still intact and not stripped. Also Remy Human Hair is bundled so that the roots of the hair are on one side and the ends of the hair are on the opposite side. This technique eliminates tangling and allows the hair to be more durable and longer lasting than non-remy hair.

⚫ Is the hair sold at Rich Connections’ Remy hair?

Yes, we make sure that we only source Remy hair from our vendors so that our clients get the best quality and versatility with their hair.

⚫ What is Virgin Human Hair?

Virgin hair is hair that has not been processed with harsh chemicals.

⚫ Is Rich Connections’ hair virgin hair?

Yes, Rich Connections’ hair is virgin hair that has been steamed to create the wavy and curly textures we offer.

⚫ What color is Rich Connections’ hair?

Majority of the hair is a natural 1B color unless otherwise stated in the description.

⚫ How many ounces of hair are included in each bundle?

3.5-4.0 oz

⚫ How many bundles of hair will I need for a complete look?

Depending on the amount of leave out and the length of the bundles you select, different clients purchase different amounts. As a guide, clients purchasing shorter hair lengths (those between 12-16") do well with two bundles (this is assuming you'll have leave out). For longer lengths (18" +) or full units, 3-4 bundles are suggested for a fuller look.

⚫ What is a closure?

And when should I use one? A closure is a hairpiece usually 4 inches wide and 4 inches long (4x4). It can either a lace or silk base. Women usually use closures when they want to wear a full weave or wig unit as a protective style. In some cases women will use a closure if they feel their natural hair does not match/blend with the hair extensions.

⚫ What is the difference between a silk closure and lace closure?

Besides the price, (silk closures can be more expensive) the main difference is the material they are made of. Lace closures tend to lay flatter, but if the knots of the closure aren’t altered through bleaching they do not always look natural. Silk closures on the hand are a little more difficult to install (we suggest going to a professional), but appear more natural.

⚫ Will you be adding any new textures to the site?

Absolutely! Please make sure that you have signed up for our email list and are following our social media accounts to keep up with our latest updates!

⚫ Will I be able to color, cut, perm, apply heat, or style my extensions?

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⚫ How should I maintain/preserve my hair?

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⚫ How can I prevent shedding?

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⚫ How can I prevent tangling?

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⚫ How long do Rich Connections’ hair extensions last?

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⚫ If I have an issue with my hair whom should I contact?

Please contact our customer care department by emailing